Paw Commons Gilbert

601 N Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ 85234
E: infogilbert -at- pawcommons -dot- com
T: (480) 371-2054
F: (480) 371-2057

Hours of Operation
M–F: 7AM–7PM
Closed to the public on all major holidays

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About Paw Commons: Now Serving Gilbert, AZ Area

Paw Commons is the premier Phoenix pet resort, providing a deluxe experience so decadent, your dog may not want to leave. From bubble time and swimming pools to heavenly raised floor bedding, it’s the best of dog boarding in the Phoenix area.

Our canine-loving team is excited to provide a variety of dog services:

  • Dog boarding with home level care
  • Interactive doggy day care
  • Luxurious dog grooming
  • Personally tailored dog training
  • And more!

Located in the city of Gilbert, Arizona, our pet resort is highly accessible for residents in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and other nearby areas – A short drive to the pet resort that surpasses all expectations for dog boarding and day care.

Here is more about each of our deluxe dog services.

Dog Boarding in Gilbert, Arizona Area

The main accommodation options are:

  • Our Comfy standard rooms
  • The luxury suites, which each include a TV

At this Phoenix pet hotel location, here’s what your furry best friend can look forward to:

  • Premium Kuranda Raised Floor Bedding that would make humans jealous
  • Taste of the Wild premium dog food
  • Dog Day Play program in our Day Playroom for maximum interaction and engagement (*Each dog must pass an evaluation for group play, ensuring yours is extra safe.)

While they are getting this extravagant treatment, don’t you wish you could check in on your dog – from anywhere, at any time of day?

Now, you can.

See your beloved friend whenever you want with our webcams. It’s an easy way to have peace of mind when apart from your pup.

Paw Commons Gilbert Dog DaycareDog Daycare for Phoenix, Gilbert & Nearby Areas (Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa & Chandler)

Each team member at Paw Commons is a dog lover who makes your canine’s happiness the #1 priority. That’s why they get facilities and amenities most people would be envious of. For example, your dog will enjoy:

  • Amazing play structures
  • Bubble time (yes, bubble time!)
  • Snack time
  • Movie time
  • And more

Every dog does a simple evaluation before coming into our dog daycare program, so you can also feel safe knowing they’ll be with other dogs who are friendly.

To schedule your dog’s evaluation, just give us a call at (480) 371-2054.

Paw Commons Gilbert GroomingDog Grooming in Gilbert, Arizona

Our premier pet stylists use the best dog products and tools to make sure your canine looks and feels amazing, just like you do after your own visit to the salon! We do this by using a Hydrosurge system. It’s a gentle system cleanses and massages your dog at the same time.

Learn more about how it works at our dog grooming page.

To book your next appointment for dog grooming in Gilbert, which we recommend doing in advance, give us a call anytime.

Dog Training in Phoenix Region

It’s common to struggle with dog behavioral problems, which can have a serious impact on an owner’s life and relationships. Perhaps your dog has trouble walking calmly on a leash, jumps onto you and other people or experiences separation anxiety. Maybe you have a new puppy who could use some extra obedience training.

This is where our professional dog trainers can help. Our comprehensive training program starts with a free, one-on-one evaluation. Your trainer will listen to your needs and, using feedback from the evaluation, provide your dog with their own custom training plan. This will strategically:

  • Find the root of the behavioral problems
  • Teach dogs to obey verbal commands
  • Ensure that the training and coaching sticks

Learn more about our dog training here.

Call our location to learn more and have your dog evaluated now (480) 371-2054.

Have More Questions?

You may be wondering: How old does my dog have to be to stay here? Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to be lodged at this dog hotel? Can I call in to check in on my pet while he or she is in dog boarding?

Don’t worry; we’ve answered many of the most important questions at our FAQ page.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 371-2054.

Paw Commons Gilbert Luxury SuitesSee Paw Commons For Yourself

You’re very welcome to come check out the building and its facilities for yourself. Just swing by anytime during business hours or feel free to call and make an appointment.

You can also see our daily happens virtually; simply check out our social media. (Only warning: There are many dogs that may cause cuteness overload!)

Rates Paw Commons


Dog Boarding & Stay Play Activity

  • COMFY STANDARD starting at $25
  • LUXURY SUITE starting at $50

*All pricing are a cost of per night per dog.


Dog Grooming

  • BASIC BATH starting at $18
  • PREMIUM BATH starting at $30
  • FULL SERVICE & HAIRCUT starting at $50
  • EXPRESS BATH (boarding customers only) starting at $29
  • DE-MATTING $10 per 15 min

Dog Daycare

  • Single Day – $20
  • 5-Day Punch Card – $95
  • 10-Day Punch Card – $150
  • 20-Day Punch Card – $280
  • Single Day – $25
  • 5-Day Punch Card – $110
  • 10-Day Punch Card – $200
  • 20-Day Punch Card – $360
  • First Dog – $350
  • Second Dog – $150

Dog Training

PUPPY 101 & PUPPY 202 (Dogs Under 1-Year Only)
Dog Training Paw Commons

Trainer Bio

Christie Branch

Christina Branch is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. Her career in training began as a child with the family dog and hamster. While completing her degree, she worked with commercial production animals, including poultry and equine animals. As a Dog Training Instructor, she has taught everything from basic management to agility and obedience and behavior consultation. She is dedicated to providing effective and convenient training for her clients. Christina’s methods are based on positive reinforcement and behavior modification. She believes that training and education are essential to helping the relationships between pet parents and their dogs.

Specials Paw Commons


15% Off Daycare First Punch Card
Paw Commons New Client Special First-Night Free 12/31/18
Web Cam Paw Commons

Web Cam

View the playroom live everyday from 7am to 7pm.

View Gilbert Web Cam