FAQ Paw Commons

What vaccines are required for my dog to visit Paw Commons?

Rabies (1 or 3 year), DHLPP (1 or 3 year) & Bordetella (every 6 months).

How old must my dog be to come to Paw Commons?

All dogs must be 4 months of age or older.

I just acquired my dog last week. Can I bring him/her in tomorrow for lodging or daycare?

We do require all pets be under their current ownership for one-month prior to any services at Paw Commons.

My dog is a senior. Do you have an age limit for senior dogs for overnight lodging?

All new clients must have visited Paw Commons prior to turning 12 years of age in order to stay overnight. A Senior Letter from your vet may be required. Please call a reservation specialist to further assist you.

Must my dog be spayed or neutered to come to Paw Commons for lodging?

No, our Bay Park, Encinitas, and Gilbert locations accept dogs that have not been spayed or neutered.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to participate in group doggie daycare?

All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered to participate in group doggie day care.

My dog doesn't like other dogs. Is this a problem?

Just like people, some dogs prefer to be alone! That’s why our Bay Park and Encinitas locations accept dogs that would prefer private play times with staff instead of group play.

Must my dog complete an evaluation prior to staying overnight?

Yes, exclusions may apply please contact a reservation specialist for details.

Must my dog complete an evaluation prior to participating in doggie daycare?

Yes, all dogs must pass a supervised evaluation with our staff prior to admittance into our doggie daycare yard.

Can I bring my own dog food when my dog stays overnight?

Yes, we encourage our customers to bring their dogs food in order to keep them on a routine while they’re away from home. Please label and bag each individual serving.

I forgot my dog's food. Do you have some to feed him/her?

Yes, we serve Taste of the Wild premium dog food at no charge to you.

Do you have bedding available?

Yes, we offer upgraded plush bedding for our luxury suites and comfortable kurrand beds for our comfy standard suites.

Can I bring my dogs own bedding and toys?

Yes, familiar bedding can make a dog feel more at home, and bringing toys is just fine with us, we ask that you keep items to a 2-3 maximum.

My dog has allergies to certain food and treats. Is this a problem?

Not at all! We encourage clients with dogs who have food allergies to bring their own food and treats, which we will give to your pet as instructed.

My dog's food needs to be refrigerated. Is that a problem?

Not at all! We have refrigeration and freezer capabilities for your dog’s special food & treats.

Do you allow Rawhide Chews or Hooves?

No, we believe Rawhide Chews and Hooves can be a choking hazard. We ask customers to leave Rawhide Chews and Hooves at home.

Can I call and check in on my dog?

Of course! Please feel free to email or call us during normal business hours which are posted on our website. If you reach our voice message we are most likely helping a furry guest so please leave a message and we will get back to you right away.

I can't access my webcam. What do I do?

First try closing and reopening your browser. If that does not work then try refreshing your browser and emptying the cache. It is also possible you may need to update your computer software. If you are having trouble after following those steps please contact us for further assistance.

Do you administer medications?

Yes, we do as per instructed by you. When you check in your dog we will have you fill out a medication form where you will detail instructions. Additional fees may apply.

Do you check for fleas?

Yes! We all know living in warm climates produces fleas and we do recommend that all furry guests take a monthly flea/tick preventative. All dogs are checked for fleas and ticks prior to entering our facility.

Are you open 365 days a year?

We operate internally 365 days a year, but are closed to the public on all major holidays, please check with our customer service team to find out specific closure dates.

My flight was delayed, and I can’t pick up my dog till tomorrow, what do I do?

Don’t worry we will extend your reservation, rest peacefully knowing they are safe here with their Paw Commons family! Please give us a call right away when you learn of any travel delays.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give us a call as soon as you are informed of any changes, preferably 48-72 hours in advance. During holiday periods, a deposit may be deducted for cancellation.

Do you take a deposit to hold my reservation?

Only during major holidays which a credit card is required to hold your dogs stay.

My dog has special needs. Can you accommodate him/her?

We understand that every pet is unique please contact a customer service specialist to help customize your dogs stay.

Do you offer grooming services the while my dog is staying there?

Yes, we offer grooming appointments seven-days. Please call us to set up your next grooming appointment.

My dog has a special routine before bed time can you replicate it while he/she is staying with you?

Yes, we want your dog to feel like this is his/her home away from home.

I have 2 dogs. Can they stay in the same room together overnight?

Of course, as long as you approve their overnight stay together we are more than happy to accommodate them.

I have multiple dogs that I need to board overnight. Do you give discounts for multi-dog families?

Yes! We offer large discounts to families that have multiple dogs staying with us overnight. Please contact a reservation specialist to help customize your stay.

Do you offer a senior discount?

Not this time, but you can stay up to date on our specials by visiting our website.

Do you board cats?

No, we do not board cats at this time.