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Best Long-term Dog Boarding Rates Throughout San Diego

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Are you planning a family road trip or finally getting the chance to backpack across Europe? If you have pets then you are most likely starting the search to find the best long-term boarding rates available in your area of California. Below are a few pet resorts that offer great care for a great price for long-term boarding.

Best Long-term Dog Boarding Rates Throughout San Diego

Paw Commons (Baypark, Hillcrest, Encinitas): Our three locations, located throughout the San Diego area offer great long-term boarding rates with discounts for multiple pets as well as military discounts. Prices are based on number of rooms needed not on pet size. Our Hillcrest location is outdoors, and during the summer months dogs get to play in our puppy friendly pools. Our pet resorts offer long-and-short-term boarding, grooming, dog training, as well as day care at very reasonable rates. You can bring their own food or we can feed them our own Taste of the Wild at no additional charge. Since we only allow dogs we specialize in their care, ensuring they get the most out of their stay while you are away.

While price is an important choosing factor, what the pet resort has to offer for those prices is equally important.

Things to Consider When Boarding Your Dog Long-Term

Boarding Room Options: Do they offer different room options? Paw commons offers both comfy rooms as well as luxury suites. The luxury suites are equipped with furniture, kiranda beds, as well as their own t.v. to help provide the natural comforts their own home has.

Things to Consider When Boarding Your Dog Long-term

Grooming: Do they offer grooming services? Paw Commons provides professional groomers at all locations for any grooming needs your pet may have.

Medical/Veterinary Care: Do they have a veterinarian on staff or on call? Do they have any vet offices near their location or are they willing to take your pet to their own veterinarian if needed? Our own pet resorts if needed and approved by the owner will take your pup to their own veterinarian. Our location in Encinitas is even located across the street from two veterinary offices.

Extras: Do they offer any extras such as: daycare or dayplay, individual play times, web cameras, or dog training. All of Paw Commons pet resorts offer all of the above for very reasonable prices.

Think these options through and ask plenty of questions regarding your pet’s care and prices to avoid any hidden fees. Our own pet resorts lists all fees upfront and can provide owners with an estimate of their bill. For more questions regarding our long-term boarding options and rates contact us today!

Summer Vacation – Let’s Talk Boarding Your Dog in Gilbert!

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With summer coming to an end, people in Gilbert and Phoenix are beginning to plan out their last minute summer vacation. Whether it’s a “staycation” in your hometown or traveling across the globe, make sure your pets have somewhere safe and fun to stay if they are not going with you.  Just as people need to reserve plane tickets and hotel rooms in advance during peak seasons in Gilbert, such as holidays and summer months, dogs also need advance reservations during these same peak times to ensure they have a room.  In order to avoid the stress and worry of leaving your pet behind we have outlined the basic necessities that pet owners in Phoenix should do in order to ensure their dog has a room in the pet resort of their choosing.

Tour Facility: It is always recommended that you tour the facility. This allows you to view the building and ask questions. Our own Paw Commons near Phoenix allow pet parents to view every aspect of our facility including our kitchen.

Gilbert Dog Boarding Summer Vacation

Reservation: Once you have chosen a pet resort you like, go ahead and make a reservation. It is always better to have a spot and not need it, then miss a chance to have your pup board with your favorite pet resort. Just ask to make sure there are no cancellation penalties. At our own Paw Commons pet resort in Gilbert, we do not have cancellation penalties during the summer months.

Vaccines: Once you have the reservation set, make sure that your pup will be updated on their vaccines during their stay. Most pet resorts can call the vet to verify vaccines, pet owners can have their vet fax over the vaccine records, or pet parents can bring the records in themselves. Paw Commons in Gilbert requires all boarding dogs to be updated on Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper/Lepto/Parvo), and 6-month Bordetella.

Play Evaluations: If the pet resort offers day play, the dog will probably need to be evaluated before they are allowed to stay in day play. A day play evaluation is just to ensure they are happy in that setting and get along well with other dogs. It is recommended to have their evaluation before their stay. If they pass we then recommend letting them enjoy day play for a few days before their stay. This allows them to become accustomed to not only day play but also the pet resort staff and the building. This will usually make them less nervous when you drop them off for their stay because they have become used to and enjoy coming to day play and seeing all the staff they now know and trust.

Gilbert Dog Boarding Summer Vacation

Emergency Contacts: Whether your cell phone dies or you have no cell service we encourage you to pick 1-2 emergency contacts and inform them of all your dogs needs. This way if the pet resort cannot get a hold of you concerning your dog they can reach out to the emergency contact to ensure all your dogs’ needs are met.

Medications: If your dog is on any medications, whether prescription or holistic, make sure to bring them. Paw Commons has a special medication form we have owners fill out in order to make sure all medications are given at the right time and in the proper manner. If you will be pressed for time at drop off we encourage owners to come in the day before and fill out all needed paper work. Paw Commons also has the medication sheet available online through their website. You can download and print and fill it in before hand so you don’t have to do that at drop off.

Food: It is always recommend to bring in your own dogs food. While some pet resorts offer food, make sure you ask about any hidden fees that may be attached. Paw Commons does offer Taste of the Wild dry and wet at no additional fee, but we still encourage owners whose pets are not already eating that brand and flavor of food to bring in their own to avoid upset tummies due to a food change. If you are bringing in their own food, make sure you bring enough food for each feeding for the entire stay. Many pet owners will pre-bag the food per day, per feeding, to ensure they bring enough food. If your pet is on a special mediated diet or has food allergies we recommend you bring extra incase you have to extend their stay.

If you live in Phoenix or Gilbert come by Paw Commons, let us give you a tour and answer any questions you have.

New Year’s Resolution for You & Your Fur Baby

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By this time in January, you’ve probably already got a nice start on those New Year’s resolutions, but have you ever thought about what your dog wants to work on in 2017?!  Whether you have a brand-new puppy or your dog is a seasoned member of the household, there is always room for improvement. Not to mention, resolutions are best kept when you have a furiend to hold you accountable!

Don’t know where to start? Check out our tips and tricks for a healthier and happier dog in 2017!

1. Provide Daily Mental Stimulation

Most dogs are left alone all day while their pet owners are at work. Sitting home alone is boring, so spice up your dog’s day with mental stimulation by enrolling them into our Doggie Daycare Program. Physical exercise is good, but pairing it with mental stimulation is MUCH better!

2. Polish Up on Manners

Every dog has at least one pesky habit that drives us crazy. Maybe your dog barks outside or jumps up on guests. Some dogs pull on leash or beg during dinner. It’s a new year, so it’s time to address your dog’s pesky habit.

Option 1: Carve out 2-3 minutes per day to teach your dog to do something else instead. Stick to it daily and keep dog training sessions short (1-2 minutes). Through consistency, soon this pesky dog behavior will be gone!

Option 2: Seek professional guidance with our highly skilled dog trainers. We aid dogs of all ages via Puppy 101 packages or brush up 1 on 1 training sessions. Book your free 30-minute consultation today!

3. Regular Grooming

Regular grooming with a puppy and having them become comfortable being at the groomers is very important from a young age. If you wait too long to begin grooming sessions, your puppy may not be agreeable to it later. There are also many perks to taking care of a dogs’ coat such as maintaining both your dog’s physical health as well as their appearance. Grooming will keep your dog happy and healthy! To schedule a grooming appointment with us, visit our website or give us a call!

4. Search for Lodging Options

Establish a relationship with a facility that offers overnight lodging. Or, better yet, find one that offers all the services listed above in addition to overnight lodging! Having a one-stop shop for all your dog’s needs is more than convenient, it’s also comforting. When travelling out of town, whether last minute or planned, having a place to leave your dog where they have already become well acquainted is so important. Not to mention, they are being left in the hands of someone they have already learned to trust which is a huge bonus. Learn more about our overnight lodging options.

Paw Commons Dog Lodging

New Puppy—Now What?

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New Puppy Now What Paw Commons

Just got a new puppy? Not sure what to do now? Stop by Paw Commons Pet Resort to learn all about what we offer for your new addition. From dog training to grooming, Paw Commons Pet Resort offers numerous options for your puppy no matter the breed or size. Got a business trip or vacation coming up that your new furry friend cannot join? Our pet boarding offers luxuriously accommodating rooms. With web cameras and plush bedding your puppy will be comfortable in any one of our pet boarding options, whether it is just overnight or longer.

Being one of the top experts in the dog industry Paw Commons Pet Resort’s knowledge and experienced staff can help you with any of your dogs needs. From questions on what food or what toy is best for your new puppy, we are here to help. Our facilities also offer new retail products for puppies such as collars, leashes, toys, treats and nutritious dog food. We offer premium grain free food from high quality brands such as Taste of the Wild.
Paw Commons Pet Resort also offers doggie day care; which is a perfect outlet for all that puppy energy. With live-action web cameras, pet parents get the chance to check in on their pups at any point. Doggie daycare provides puppies with the much needed socialization, as well as a chance to expel excess energy. Pet parents love our doggie daycare as their puppies can play all day while they are at work. No need to worry about accidents in the house or chewed furniture, when they are running around having great fun at doggie daycare. Doggie daycare is also a great option for puppies still working on training. Paw Commons Pet Resort’s specialized puppy 101 group classes teach your new puppy basic obedience, potty training and how deter from jumping and unwanted chewing. We also offer private in-home sessions for pet parents who would like individual, one-on-one private sessions with one of our trainers. Paw Commons Pet Resort offers several different training options such as: group classes, private training sessions and a train and lodge option. Puppies love to play hard and love to get dirty.

Our experienced pet groomers at Paw Commons Pet Resort know the best way to groom both small and big puppies. It’s important that your new puppy has a great first bath/grooming experience to ensure they will not become fearful of the bathing and grooming process. Our groomers take great care to ensure a puppy’s first time bathing/grooming experience is a great one. Our employees are very knowledge and encourage new pet parents to call or even stop by and ask any questions about their new puppy.

To learn more about training, grooming, pet boarding, and doggie daycare please call us at (619) 299-2730.