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June 2016

4th of July and Pet Safety

By | Dog Tips, General

With 4th of July just around the corner, our pets’ safety should be our number one concern. With the fair just opening up in Del Mar and other areas such as Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, and Oceanside hosting 4th of July events, its imperative Northern San Diego pet parents keep a close eye on their pets. With so many different noises, smells, and vast amounts of people, our pets may become scared or even over excited. This extends to all pets including but not limited to: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, and hamsters. Below are some general precautions to take to ensure your pets are safe this 4th of July weekend.

  • Avoid firework areas.
  • Keep pets indoors in a quite, safe environment.
  • If going out see if a friend can check in on the pet or try overnight dog lodging.
  • If your pet gets severely stressed, talk to your vet about a safe medication to use that can help ease their stress.
  • Try giving your pet a new toy or treat to help distract them from the noise outside.
  • Always use caution when taking your pet out in loud areas where they could be easily frightened.
  • Make sure your pet has an ID tag clearly visible on their collar. It is always good to have your pet micro-chipped as well in case they slip out of their collar.
  • Keep your pet away from glow jewelry, alcohol, and food they do not normally eat.

If you cannot stay home with your pet it is always best to try to find someone to watch them or take them to a pet resort. Pet resorts offer overnight lodging if you plan to be gone most of the night and day boarding if you only plan to be out for a little while. These facilities also offer daycare to help entertain your pup while you are away. Keep your pets safe this 4th of July weekend by following some of these simple tips. For more information on dog lodging, day boarding and daycare please call us at (760) 452-4166, or visit our website at

Why Does My Dog Always Bark?

By | Dog Training, Encinitas

Barking is a way that dogs can communicate to one another. They use this vocal interaction to tell others, as well as their owners, that perhaps they are scared, bored, want attention or are warning strangers to not get too close to their territory. Below we will discuss the reasons why some dogs bark and how to stop it.

Separation Anxiety: Dogs with separation anxiety may bark excessively as soon as they are separated from their owner or left alone. Many of these dogs also exhibit destructive behaviors, such as chewing the blinds or furniture, when left alone. A good option to try for these pups is dog daycare. Dog daycare will give them the stimulation and attention they need and will keep them happy and entertained while pet parents are away.

Boredom: Some dogs may just be barking to show their annoyance at how bored there are at that given time. A great way to curb this behavior is to take them on a walk, go to the dog park, or try giving them a new toy.

Territorial: Often dogs will bark to warn strangers to stay away from their property. Most owners do not usually mind this as their dogs almost act as a security system. The issues start to form when the dogs continue to bark long after said stranger has already passed. Or they are so overwhelmed by anyone other their owners being in the house they consistently bark. Situations like these or similar to these, warrant getting a professional dog trainer involved. Our own dog trainer visits such areas as Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Sante Fe and Del Mar.

Attention Seekers: Many pets, dare I say it, are beyond loved and beyond spoiled. These spoiled fur babies will use their barking power to entice you to pay attention to them or even share your food with them. For these pups try the penny in can trick with the correction quite. Also try not to give in to their every whim; they will be ok if they can’t share your dinner and must eat their kibble instead.

If all else fails, seek help from a professional dog trainer. They will be able to help pinpoint why your dog is barking and give you the proper guidance and knowledge in correcting the behavior. For more information on dog training please visit our website or call us at (760) 452-4166.

Dog Friendly Restaurants

By | Dog Tips, General

Worried about leaving your pup while you go out to eat? North County San Diego offers many options for pet parents who want to dine with their pups.

Casa de Bandini (Carlsbad): Great authentic Mexican food with family friendly atmosphere. Great customer service and the food is delicious. Call first to ensure there are still patio seats open where you can enjoy dinner or Sunday Brunch with your dog.

Pizza Port (Carlsbad): Just blocks from the beach come enjoy an ice cold beer and hot pizza. Take the pup for a stroll on the beach then stop by for a drink and some tasty food. Very dog friendly with a laid back atmosphere. They get crowded fast, so if your dinning with your pets try to call first to ensure there are still dog friendly tables available.

Trattoria I Trulli (Encinitas): In the heart of downtown Encinitas sits Trattoria I Trulli. Serving great Italian cuisine in generous portions; your pet can dine with you in both the front patio and sidewalk tables.

Sbicca (Del Mar): Wonderful bistro offering fresh seafood items as well as a dog friendly upper deck. They offer daily specials and farm-fresh local produce.

Ranch Santa Fe Bistro (Rancho Santa Fe): Located right in Rancho Santa Fe’s downtown district sits this cozy, pet-friendly bistro. Offering a varied selection of soups, salads, sandwich’s, and wine. Pets are welcomed to dine with you on the patio area.

Beach Break Café (Oceanside): Great breakfast place to go dine with your dog. They have a large menu with many options that both you and your pet can enjoy. Very dog friendly with great customer service.

Slater’s 50/50 (San Marcos): Great place to come eat with your friends and pets. They offer great and very unique burger and drink options. They even have a menu for your dog to choose from! They have a dog friendly patio area with very welcoming and friendly staff.

Can’t take your pup with you on your next dinning experience; try dog daycare or day boarding. Dog daycare is great for those dogs that love to romp around with other pups while your enjoy a nice meal. Day boarding is another great option where your pet can hang out in a comfy room and get plenty of potty breaks while you are away. For more information on dog daycare and day boarding please call us at (760) 452-4166 or visit our website at

Is Your Pet Ready for Flea Season?

By | Dog Grooming, Dog Tips

With summer just around the corner and San Diego’s temperatures beginning to rise, both fleas and ticks become a larger problem. Fleas are usually a bit more dormant in winter but once it starts to warm up them come out in full force. With such nice weather throughout areas such as Del Mar, Carlsbad, Encinitas and Rancho Santa Fe, pet parents go out more with their dogs, which also increases their risks of picking up fleas and ticks. There are several different ways to rid your pets of those pesky fleas and ticks.

Over the counter/veterinarian supplied flea medications such as:

  • Advantage
  • Frontline
  • Comfortis
  • Capstar
  • Sentinel

Flea Baths – Helps kill any live adult fleas. It is best to use flea baths in addition to flea medication to help keep your pet flea free.

Home Remedies

  • Non-chemical flea collar
  • Flea spray (water mixed with small amount of apple cider vinegar – keep away from pets eyes when using)
  • Peppermint or tee tree essential oil (use caution when using these products as they may be more irritating for some pets)

Dog Daycare – Worried that your pup may be picking up those fleas or ticks from the dog park? Try doggie daycare where they can romp around in a flea free environment.

Keep your pet happy and flea free this summer by following these simple tips. For more questions about flea prevention or just any general pet questions please call our Paw Commons Encinitas location at (760) 452-4166; or visit our website at