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6 Important Questions to Ask Before You Board Your Dog

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Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Facility

Leaving your best friend with someone else while you’re gone adds stress to your travel plans. When you consider lodging your dog you want a facility that takes the best care of your dog and that your dog is happy and safe. A great place to start is to ask your vet for a referral. Your dog-loving friends or family members may also know some good places for you to call. This is a big decision, so it’s a good idea to check into several places if you can. Write your questions down so you remember to get all the information you want when you call.

  1. Can I Tour the Facility? An automatic, “yes, please come and visit,” is what you’re looking for. Clean, well-run boarders have no problem with you taking a look. Check sleeping quarters, play and walk areas, and any yards where dogs socialize and play together. Notice bad odors or unclean areas.
  2. What About Diet? Good dog lodging facilities are focused on the well being of your dog. They will keep her on her regular diet, and allow some favorite treats to comfort her while you’re gone. Your boarder should take care to note special concerns, such as allergies and treats to avoid. Your best friend will be stressed and keeping her diet the same will help avoid sickness.
  3. Can I Bring Personal Items for my Dog? Your dog will miss you as much as you miss her. Having something familiar to go to sleep with or just have nearby is comforting and soothing and will help with anxiety. Consider items that smell like home – a towel or a familiar toy (one that you can risk not getting back).
  4. Can I Call to Check In on my Dog? Quality boarders know you love and care about your dog. You will miss her! You should be welcome to call and check in whenever you want an update.
  5. How Much Outside Time Will my Dog Have?Playtimes and exercise should suit your dog’s activity level. If your dog is more active, look for lodging options that offer more playtime. If your dog is arthritic or has health concerns, make sure the playtime suits her special needs.
  6. Will my Dog Socialize with other Dogs? Play time is great fun, but be sure that socialization is properly supervised, your dog will socialize with dogs her own size and temperament, and that she will be allowed to rest if she gets worn out. Many boarders have some yards for rougher play, and some yards for more quiet play and rest.

Don’t be so focused on what your dog needs that you neglect yourself. Evaluate the staff’s level of care toward you, the time they take to answer your questions thoroughly, and their attention to the contact information you need. You need the comfort and assurance that your dog is OK so you can relax!

Dogs that are Groomed on a Regular Basis are Healthier

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Sure, regular grooming makes your pet look great. But, it also promotes good health for the coat and skin and so much more. And, your dog’s regular groomer also keeps an eye out for potential changes in your pet as well.

Some of the day to day grooming maintenance can be done at home but finding a good dog grooming facility is an easy way to have your dog looking and feeling their best on a regular basis.

Consider finding a good dog grooming facility that also offers doggie daycare or dog lodging. You can drop off your dog for a day and have them get both a good playtime and grooming.

Dogs Who Need Regular Haircuts

While it is fairly obvious that many dogs require regular combing and, perhaps, haircuts, in fact, all dogs, purebred or mixed breed benefit from this type of care. Breeds such as Yorkshire terriers, shih tzus, maltese and poodles, more often than not, should have regular haircuts. To keep their hair long means daily comb outs. Without that, the hair will become tangled and can clump. This is not only uncomfortable for the dog, but can also harbor skin problems underneath including hot spots and worse.

Some people may bath their dogs without combing them out prior to the bath. While the intent is good, this not only tightens the matting, but prevents proper drying which can cause fungal infections to occur. For those who cannot keep up with their dog’s long hair, it is best to keep him cut shorter.

Shedding Dogs

Dogs that shed, large and small including German Shepherds, Labradors, corgis and more, need regular brushing to keep the dead hair cleaned out. Regular bathing helps keep the coat and skin clean and healthy. This can also keep your home cleaner and dander down, helping to prevent allergies and other issues for pets and their families.

Nail Care

Routine grooming not only takes care of a dog’s coat, but also paws and nails, eyes, ears and more. Toenails should be clipped and/or filed on a regular basis to prevent long growth that can alter the way a dog walks or cause irritation into the pads or other toes. Keeping the hair trimmed between the foot pads and toes is not only more comfortable, but also allows proper air circulation around the pads, which works as temperature control in dogs, helping to cool them.

Eyes and Ears

Eyes and ears are cleaned during grooming as well. Some dogs are more prone to eye irritation, especially in senior dogs. Keeping hair clipped short around the eyes, as well, as cleaning any debris away from the eye, aides in eye health. Cleaning out the ears helps prevent irritation and infection, but also allows for a check for ear mites or other problems. Some breeds tend to grow hair in the ear canal itself. This should be plucked out on a routine basis, as it can add to potential bacteria and infection.

Proper and regular grooming is a necessity for any dog’s health. But, it has other benefits as well. A clean dog is more likely to be loved and cuddled by his human family, which rewards his emotional health and makes for a happier pet.

Paw Commons Dog Grooming

Top 4 Dog Training Tips

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Man’s best friend, the loyal and lovable dog, wants to please his master and become the most obedient creature he can be. A well-trained canine is a marvel to behold. When it comes to dog training though, it’s the owner’s approach that will determine the results, not the dog’s! Once the owner is in the right frame of mind the dog can be trained to be the loving and compliant animal we all want.

The following tips are some of the best for training a dog and making it the best animal it can be:


Whether training a dog or trying to lose weight setting of goals is a prime importance. The old adage, “If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail”, certainly applies here. Without goals one is doomed to failure. Also, these goals need to be realistic. The dog will not be trained in a week, but in time the canine will make great strides. So make the goals attainable.

Being Positive

Positive reinforcement is the order of the day. A dog loves to be complimented. A treat when he or she does something good will make the dog respond to good behavior more readily. The dog can be punished when it exhibits bad behavior but it may just be better to reward the animal when it does well and forget about punishing it when it does something wrong.


The owner or master is the boss. The dogs needs to know this right from the start. Dogs have a herd mentality for the most part and look for a leader to guide them. This is the master’s job. There are several ways to show control to a dog. The dog should eat after his master. Also, create a feeding schedule and stick to it.


Being patient with the dog may be the biggest deal when training the animal. Shouting at the dog will do no good only hinder the training process. The training operation needs to be positive in all aspects. It will take the dog time to learn the commands and actions he or she needs to master. Being consistent and understanding will yield great results in the end.

Training a dog can be a rewarding experience for both dog and owner. Taking the time to instruct a canine in how to act will produce a loyal and obedient dog. A well-trained dog is a joy to be around and it will make its owner proud. So set goals, be positive, take control, use good timing and be patient with the animal. Working with a professional dog trainer will help both the owner and dog find a training plan that suits the needs of your pet and your family.

Choosing the Right Boarding Facility for Your Dog

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A person’s dog is a very much loved part of the family. When it comes time to take a vacation, or if an emergency arises, it isn’t always easy to take them along. As a pet owner, the main priority is finding a lodging facility that meets the animal’s needs. The question which normally arises is what facility is the best for each individual pet.

Dog Boarding / Pet Resorts

Non-traditional lodging facilities have the ability to cater to each pet. Pets are allowed to bring their own bedding and toys and often have the run of the facility if they interact well with other animals. These non-traditional facilities often have less animals, allowing more time to be spent with each pet in a one on one atmosphere. In addition, may custom tailor their services so you pet can be as well taken care of as you would like.

Cleanliness of the Facility

No matter where a pet is lodged it is always a good idea to check the cleanliness of the facility before placing a pet in their care. Suites should be cleaned daily. Water should be changed daily and food dishes kept clean and free from debris. A good dog lodging facility should be open to letting you tour the facility before having your dog come stay.

Cater to the Needs of Each Pet

Find a dog boarding facility that offers play time so you dog can have plenty of social interaction with the staff and their four legged friends. Making sure each pet feels secure should be one of the goals of whoever is watching your dog.

Ability to Exercise

Dogs need exercise. Dogs should be allowed to walk and run for a few minutes off and on throughout the day. They also should have ample play time to keep their cardiovascular system in top working order.

A pet owner knows their animal better than anyone else. Choosing a good dog boarding facility means understanding the animals’ needs and placing them accordingly. They should be made as comfortable as possible and have adequate amounts of human contact.

Paw Commons Dog Daycare

New Puppy—Now What?

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New Puppy Now What Paw Commons

Just got a new puppy? Not sure what to do now? Stop by Paw Commons Pet Resort to learn all about what we offer for your new addition. From dog training to grooming, Paw Commons Pet Resort offers numerous options for your puppy no matter the breed or size. Got a business trip or vacation coming up that your new furry friend cannot join? Our pet boarding offers luxuriously accommodating rooms. With web cameras and plush bedding your puppy will be comfortable in any one of our pet boarding options, whether it is just overnight or longer.

Being one of the top experts in the dog industry Paw Commons Pet Resort’s knowledge and experienced staff can help you with any of your dogs needs. From questions on what food or what toy is best for your new puppy, we are here to help. Our facilities also offer new retail products for puppies such as collars, leashes, toys, treats and nutritious dog food. We offer premium grain free food from high quality brands such as Taste of the Wild.
Paw Commons Pet Resort also offers doggie day care; which is a perfect outlet for all that puppy energy. With live-action web cameras, pet parents get the chance to check in on their pups at any point. Doggie daycare provides puppies with the much needed socialization, as well as a chance to expel excess energy. Pet parents love our doggie daycare as their puppies can play all day while they are at work. No need to worry about accidents in the house or chewed furniture, when they are running around having great fun at doggie daycare. Doggie daycare is also a great option for puppies still working on training. Paw Commons Pet Resort’s specialized puppy 101 group classes teach your new puppy basic obedience, potty training and how deter from jumping and unwanted chewing. We also offer private in-home sessions for pet parents who would like individual, one-on-one private sessions with one of our trainers. Paw Commons Pet Resort offers several different training options such as: group classes, private training sessions and a train and lodge option. Puppies love to play hard and love to get dirty.

Our experienced pet groomers at Paw Commons Pet Resort know the best way to groom both small and big puppies. It’s important that your new puppy has a great first bath/grooming experience to ensure they will not become fearful of the bathing and grooming process. Our groomers take great care to ensure a puppy’s first time bathing/grooming experience is a great one. Our employees are very knowledge and encourage new pet parents to call or even stop by and ask any questions about their new puppy.

To learn more about training, grooming, pet boarding, and doggie daycare please call us at (619) 299-2730.

Puppy 101 Dog Training With Paw Commons Pet Resort

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Puppy 101 Classes Paw Commons

Whether you just got a new puppy or have an older dog suffering from separation anxiety, getting the right training will help control and eliminate any present or future behavioral problems. Paw Commons Pet Resort’s trainers believe that having the proper training not only improves behavior, but also improves the pet’s health and happiness. Training dogs to stop certain destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture, will ensure a happier and healthier dog and owner. Paw Commons Pet Resort offers many different types of training classes, including puppy 101 group classes.

Paw Commons Pet Resort’s puppy 101 group class focuses on basic obedience such as sit and stay. Being in a group environment helps puppies get an extra dose of socialization. Our puppy 101 group class also gives puppies and owners a chance to practice with distractions (i.e. other dogs and people) while receiving and giving commands. This puppy class helps pet parents potty train their puppies as well as stop any unwanted chewing and jumping. While our trainers believe a dog of any age can be trained, they believe the sooner training can be implemented the happier and healthier the dog will be.

While finding the right trainer and class is important, an owner’s continual involvement in the training is just as important. The training does not stop once class ends. Pet parents are urged to continue training at home and practice the commands inside the home as well as outside. If owners fail to follow through with what the trainers teach them, then it jeopardizes the dogs’ chance of being fully trained. Practice makes perfect is the ideal phrase to understand why continually training is so important.

Puppy 101 group classes will begin in July and be held on Saturday morning and Thursday evenings. The duration of our puppy classes last about five weeks, one training session per week. Due to limited class size we urge pet parents to sign up sooner rather then later to ensure they get in. So call or stop by and sign up your new pup for training classes today!

For more information about dog training and our trainers at Paw Commons Pet Resort, call us at (619) 299-2730.